Three theaters in Transylvania, nominated ‘Best Performance’ Gala UNITER from Tirgu Mures

Three theaters in Transylvania, in St. George, Sibiu and Cluj Napoca, have been nominated in the category ‘Best Performance’ at the XXII edition of UNITER Awards Gala, to be held Monday night at the Palace of Culture Targu Mures.

National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu

To the XXII edition of UNITER Awards Gala organized by the Theatre Union of Romania, the County Council, Romanian Television, Targu Mures National Theatre, along with the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Targu Mures, the jury composed of theater critics Andreea Dumitru, Ionut Popa and Vlad Sebastian-established Sociu Award nomination for Best Performance, Best Director, Best Production Designer, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor in Actress, Best Actress, as theater, radio theater, Theatre TV debut.

According to President UNITER Caramitru, the second jury will deliberate in Targu Mures, two to three hours before the Gala, will determine the winner, in that it will include its name in a sealed envelope, which will be open only on stage. Photo: (c) Angelo BREZOIANU / AGERPRES PHOTO

Thus, for ‘Best Performance’ nominees are: ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare, directed by László Bocsárdi Theatre ‘Tamasi Aron’ St. George, ‘Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Zoltán Balasz, National Theatre co-production ‘ Radu Stanca “Sibiu Theatre Budapest Maladype ‘children Victor and power’ of Roger Vitrac, directed by Silviu Purcărete Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

For ‘Best Director’ have been nominated for the show Zoltán Balázs’ Master and Margarita ‘, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu, László Bocsárdi to show’ Hamlet ‘Theater’ Tamasi Aron ‘Saint-George and Silviu Purcărete for show’ Victor or Children in power ‘, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. 

In the category ‘Best designer’: Jozsef Bartha for scenography performing ‘Hamlet’ Theater ‘Tamasi Aron’ Saint-George, Dragos Buhagiar for scenography show ‘What amazing nonsense’, National Theatre Cluj and Velica Panduru and Zoltán Balázs show scenography ‘Master and Margarita’, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu.

For ‘Best Actor’ László Matray are nominated for her starring role in the play ‘To Kill a Mockingbird ebook’ Theater ‘Tamasi Aron’ Saint-George, Cornel Răileanu for his role in the show “What amazing nonsense ‘, National Theatre Cluj Marius Turdeanu master role in the show ‘Master and Margarita’, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu.

In the ‘Best Actress’ nominees are Alexandra beans for the title role in the show ‘Yentl’ Hebrew State Theatre Bucharest, Mariana Mihu Woland role in the show ‘Master and Margarita’, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu Rodica Negrea for the title role in the play ‘Mother Courage’ Little Theatre Bucharest.



In the category ‘Best Actor’ are nominated Zsolt Bogdan Charles Paumelle role in the show “Victor or Children in power ‘, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Valer Dellakeza to show the increasing role of’ family all ‘National Theatre’ Marin Sorescu “Craiova and Tibor Pálffy Claudius role in the play ‘Hamlet’ Theater ‘Tamasi Aron’, St. George.


For ‘Best Actress’ for her role Esther Albert Csilla from the show “Victor or Children in power’, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Nicoleta Hâncu role Elmira, Orgon’s wife in the show ‘Tartuffe’ Metropolis Theater Bucharest Ionescu and Romania roles Mara, Mara’s mother, psychologist and TV presenter of the show “Teach religion ‘by Mihaela Michailov National Theatre” Marin Sorescu “Craiova.

In the category of theater critics’ are nominated Cristina Modreanu Mircea Morariu and Iulia Popovici.

For ‘Radio Theatre’ nominations were made ​​for Anita Nandriş-Cudla with ‘Memories of Life’ and ’20 years in Siberia ‘, artistic director Peter Hadarca production Romanian Radio Society,’ Belvedere ‘by Ana-Maria Bamberger adaptation and art direction Cezarina Udrescu radio, production of the Romanian Radio and Two stories by Mikhail Bulgakov: ‘towel cock’ and ‘throat Steel’ radio dramatization and artistic director Diana Mihailopol, production of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting. At Category ‘TV Drama’ have been nominated ‘Hedda Gabler’ artistic director Dominic Dembinski, Romanian Television Company production, “Genovese Effect ‘artistic director Jon Gostin, Romanian Society of Television Production and’ Stormy Night ‘, directed by artistic Mihai Manolescu, Romanian Television Company production.
For ‘Debut’ are nominal Delu Lucaci Agnes role in the show “The massacre ‘National Theatre’ Alecsandri ‘Iaşi, Lucia Mărneanu and Leta Smith for the show’ Parallel ‘, co GroundFloor Group and collectively, Cluj-Napoca and Erwin Şimşensohn for directing show ‘Yentl’ Hebrew State Theatre Bucharest.

Senate UNITER Gala Awards will be given in Targu Mures UNITER Excellence Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Awards.

According to the site UNITER Excellence Award is granted by Victor Rebenciuc “Lifetime Achievement Award” will be awarded actor Peter Ciubotaru, actress Virginia Itta Mark, director Michael Mănuţiu, Anca Pâslaru scenography, theater critic and historian Zeno Fodor.

UNITER Gala will be granted a number of special awards special prize journalist and translator Raluca Radulescu, to contribute to resize a contemporary discourse of fundamental books for practice and theory of theater: KS Stanislavski-work actor with himself ; Special Prize for dance theater: Andrea and Stephen Gavriliu Lupupentru ‘Zic-Zac’ theater-dance Andreea Lupu Stephen Gavriliu leaning with Gavriliu Andreea Stefan Lupu and Gabriel Costin; Special Prize for theater-document: Gianina Cărbunariu for show-trial ‘Tipografic uppercase’, co dramAcum International Theatre Festival in Nitra, Slovakia, in partnership with Odeon.

AGERPRES / (AS – author: Dorina Matisse editor: Marius Frăţilă)