Considerations to consider when buying cast iron skillet

The first thing you should know about cast iron pans is that they have a number of inconvenient advantages that have to be weighed. For example, one of the cons is that a cast iron skillet can get oxidized and this will make the dishes taste iron if we leave the food on top of them. Therefore, they must be monitored at all times and practices that prevent this problem can occur.

When these pans are made, the cast iron is placed in a sand mold, so they are much thicker than virtually any type of pan, they are not deformed but have a slightly higher weight. They are considered a very good idea to be able to cook to the iron, in addition, some models have a glaze that prevents that they can be oxidized, or that they become ugly.

Some Tips for Buying Cast Iron Pots and Pans

An important point to consider regarding the sale of cast iron pans is that, unless we buy them with special coverage, they will have neither PTFE nor PFOA, that is, they will not have that characteristic Teflon that will prevent the food can be Arrive to paste. However, this can also be quite positive for our health because, as frying pans are used with these elements, they are going to burn off some toxic elements that could affect us in a very drastic way.

Being of iron, they are suitable for the induction, as well as the rest of kitchens. When we choose to buy cast iron pans , we must weigh whether the handles, like the handle are also iron, read more about handle cover and if they can be removed with the aim of proceeding with their cleaning to avoid that can be accumulated some organic elements inside.

Also they have a very peculiar characteristic and is that it is the only model you skillet that is improving its result as we have been using them: the reason for this is that it forms a natural anti-adherent layer, it will make them more ugly, but it will be more Complicated that the food can be.

Finally, you must know that it transmits heat very well, so the dishes will be made evenly.

Why buy from our online store

To answer questions on where to buy cast iron pans , we would like to recommend that you take a look at our online store. Just by analyzing our catalog, you will realize the large number of models that are put at your disposal. In addition, in each of them you can find all the information you need in your product sheet, so you do not have any type of doubt is what you go home.

Cluj-Napoca, heart of Transylvania

Cluj-Napoca is situated in the central part of Transylvania, Romania’s best known region, and is a strong university and medical center GP Kirwan, a pole of diversity and multiculturalism, where past, present and future represent the sum of Identity and local specificity.

Square matei corvin

The city of Cluj-Napoca is located at the intersection of roads of national and international interest and has always represented a center of tourist attraction due to both the monuments that evoke a historical past and the rich cultural and scientific activity favored by the values Invaluable in museums and libraries of national resonance, due to the existence of dramatic and lyrical theaters, with a long international audience, and last but not least to the existence of the Botanical Garden – an establishment of great prestige, the second in importance Of Europe, which has in its place a valuable botanical museum.

Among the most representative tourist attractions of the city are:

Bastion of the Tailors

Bastion of the Tailors

It is part of the Old Fortress of Cluj, built during the 15th century by the order of Sigismund of Luxembourg, King of Hungary. The bastion was made by the union of the tailors, who defended the tower. Two centuries later, this function was taken by the German mercenaries of the city troop.

San Miguel Church

San Miguel Church

The church was built on the site of the chapel of Saint Jacob between the years 1350-1487 and is one of the most valuable monuments of Gothic architecture in Transylvania. The altar was executed around the year 1390, and the tower was built in 1860. The mural paintings were executed in the fifteenth century, and stained glass and sculptures are very well preserved.

House Matia

House matia

Originally called Casa Stefan Kolb, it is one of the oldest architectural monuments in Cluj, the only palace in Cluj from the transition period of the Gothic style to the Renaissance style, the building where King Mateo Corvin was born. During the Middle Ages the building was located on Sfantul Spirit Street, with building number 258.

Bánffy Palace

Bánffy palace

Built between 1774 and 1785 on the edges of a rectangular court by Count György Banffy, it is considered to be the most representative baroque style building in Transylvania. On the Rococo frontispiece are the coat of arms of the Banffy family and statues of characters from Roman mythology: Mars, Apollo, Diana, Perseus, Minerva and Hercules.

Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

It belongs to the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, was founded in 1920 by Professor Alexandru Borza. It is the second in importance in Europe, an authentic botanical treasure, with a varied number of plants, some of them very rare. The Botanical Garden covers an area of ​​almost 14 hectares, in the southern part of Cluj, developing over time as a tourist objective, and as an important didactic and scientific space of the Babes-Bolyai University.



After the rebellion of the curuti , opponents of the Habsburgs, led by the Prince of Transylvania, Ferenc Rákóczi the II-do, the Austrian army built on the site of the vines planted by the inhabitants, with the forced labor of The inhabitants of the city, a fortress according to the plans of the military architect Giovanni Murando Visconti. A document of 1831 forbade the construction of buildings in the area, the fortress representing the prominent point of the city. This feature inspired its name Fellegvár (Fortress of clouds).

Central Park

Central Park

With more than 1810 years old, it is one of the main recreational areas of Cluj-Napoca, located on the banks of the river Somesul Mic. The history of the park begins in the year 1827, when the organization Asociatia of Binefacere to Femeilor (Jóltevő Asszonyi Egyesület) rented a deserted land with the purpose of creating a place of recreation.

‘ Hotel Transilvania 2′ trailer and poster

Cartel de 'Hotel Transilvania 2'

We have to go back until the end of November last year to find the time in which Sony released the first images of ‘Hotel Transilvania 2‘, the sequel to one of the grossing movies of 2012 (watch series of these movies for free here), but now the promotional campaign has been an important step forward to appear online its first trailer - you have it up both in Spanish and English being somewhat more extensp this last – and his initial poster .

Directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, ‘ Hotel Transilvania 2′ will focus on the family reunion of the Dracula, which makes that the mythical bloodsucking re-join his father after many years without seeing it. Own progress already gives a very important clue as to the main reason for the family celebration.On 23 October will discover more details in our closest cinemas, check the latest news at movie2k

  • Official Trailer.

  • Trailer in original version

One of the great innovations of ‘ Hotel Transilvania 2′ is the signing of the legendary Mel Brooks to lend his voice to the father of Dracula, while those who see it in original version also can listen to Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James and Keegan-Michael Key in the same characters which were already voice in the sympathetic first delivery.

Hotel Transilvania 2‘ is now available to watch online on xmovies8.

The Romanian police broadcast a video of the arrest of Sergio Morate

The Romanian police has released this Friday a video production Calgary which shows how developed the arrest of Sergio Morate, the alleged murderer of Marina and Laura, basin girls who were found dead on Wednesday after missing six days.

In the pictures you can see the moment in which agents entering the block of flats where Morate stayed, have access to the room where is and proceed to the arrest of him and two other men, of Romanian nationality.

At the time of the arrest, the alleged murderer of the girls does not show resistance to authority and pulls on the ground that the police put handcuffs.

Later, agents removed from housing three detainees and introduce them into police cars.

This was reflected by the images of the Romanian police in a building of a plant in the town of Lugoj, in the region of Timisoara.

The video shows the moment in which a dozen of Romanian police, some hooded, others with dogs, and all of them are equipped with weapons, climb to the first floor of the building and enters a small room where the alleged killer and two other men sitting in a big bed.

The agents agreed easily to stay, giving an outside corridor with several doors in what appears to be a building of apartments or hotel rooms.

The door of the room where the alleged murderer, took refuge on which reads number 11, was open and just covered access a purple curtain put in place, by what the police entered without having to bring it down.

Once inside, in the room, of small dimensions, is a bed on which the three men were sitting and any other piece of furniture.

As soon as the policemen agree to stay, Morate lies down on the floor face down and extends his arms above his head; not so opposed any resistance to agents, which embraces both the Spanish and two other men, of Romanian nationality, although only one of them was finally arrested.

Now, Morate pending their delivery to Spain by the Romanian authorities under a European arrest warrant, which speeds up the paperwork to transfer criminals among the different countries of the European Union.

The arrest occurred on Thursday afternoon following the order for arrest that the judge of first instance and instruction number 2 of basin issued after finding the bodies of Marina and Laura.

Morate had been missing since Thursday, August 6, the same day that were seen for the last time two young women, 24 and 26 years old, which were home of the alleged murderer to collect things that Marina, Sergio’s ex-girlfriend, had left in it.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, Morate left Spain by car through the border post of Portbou, in Girona.


In any project you start, the Organization of tasks and time is fundamentalAlthough rather small where you take part only, you may very well organize your time and priorities to achieve the objective, and this becomes more complicated to add members to the team.Fortunately, there are several options in  client project management software  which greatly simplify us the problem.

Management software helps us better organize activities since, each in its way, allows us to see graphically and simply different projects in which we are working, the team members involved in each, the tasks assigned to each and to progress in the implementation of the same.

And whereas increasingly work in remote, and that many organizations are made up of freelancers who work from different parts of the world, these tools are increasingly necessary. All of them are focused on collaborative work and contribute to bettercommunication, instant and effective, and to some offer facilities for file sharing.

I invite you to take a look to these programs of management and organization. Insurance will help you get you goals materialize.


It is difficult to choose one, since each has its strong points. But I teach you today’s top 6 so that you can choose which best fits your needs



Basecamp is possibly the most popular project management and intuitive software.

It has a desktop very well designed and very graphic showing all your projects and clients at the same time. Upon entering each project you can easily see if there are new or pending tasks. And when you’re done with each, you can mark it as complete. Another advantage is that you have grouped all communications in one place.

In terms of teamwork, with Basecamp it’s easy to upload and share files and even keep track of the changes in each. You can alsotrack the progress of each Member and each task. And also some of the paid versions let you control the time spent on each activity.

In terms of support, this is a software based on the cloud and with apps for iPhone.

Basecamp offers several payment alternatives, which vary depending on the size of the Organization, and a free version limited to a project, that it has no user limit, does not allow file sharing. If you want to try this project manager, you can do a free 30 day trial.

Then, you can see if you want to complete the features of Basecamp with other tools in turnover, layout, or other available widgets.



Trello is another powerful tool to manage projects and work as a team. Allows you to see which tasks in each project in good detail,who is assigned to them and to determine the due date for each task. Checklists and even votes and contributions for each activity can also be done.

But above all, Trello is very customizableProjects can be organized in boards or panels in which you can create cards, which are the equivalent of tasks. Once the team is created several Dynamics working, can use since you can assign a card to someone, let that contributors assign is outstanding cards, change the person responsible for each task, etc.

And has a functional design with the ranked information in columns, which you can use to organize the tasks as they are new, important, are blocked or pending, whether professional or personal. In addition, you can add colored labels to find them and distinguish them easily.

If you want to make changes to a task by clicking on the card and you can edit it, adding updatescommentsattachments, etc. And if you need to change a task to a project to another, you can do it with an easy drag & drop.

In addition, share documents with Trello is very simple, since it allows to work with Dropbox and Google Drive to attach files to tasks.It also has a calendar of tasks that easily can be incorporated to Google Calendar, for example.

Other advantages are that it has applications mobile and, above all, that it is freeFor companies, an option there is also premiumpaid.



Blimp is an Puerto Ricotechnological entrepreneurship. Born in 2012 of the effort of three young men of the island, and has already been a while demonstrating that it it is an excellent project management software, nothing to envy to those who taught you more top.

Blimp desktop is very comfortable, and in a moment you can see your different projects, who is involved in each, the deadline and the degree of progressWithin each project, you can establish the different objectives, and break down into each task necessary to achieve this. You can assign each task to a member of the team, and at the same time appoint a supervisor who must approve the task when it is complete. This supervisor can be, for example, the customer.

With Blimp you can organize different tasks in a project, set the prioritylevel, see your progresscomment , or mark them as completed, among others. In addition, thanks to the integration with Google Drive and Dropbox, is very easy to share files with other members of the team. It also has a history in which we can track every project since its inception.

Unlike others, Blimp incorporates a guide process when developing projects based on the techniques of lean production used in projects on a large scale. This process helps to better organize tasksget better results and make important decisionsThis feature makes it ideal for who faced for the first time to the management of a project.

A version is free, which allows you to manage a project with unlimited users and store up to 10 MB, and then there are several plans with more benefits.



Other large software project management that is gaining popularity in leaps is Asana, from the creators of Facebook. This software is designed specifically for teamwork.

Asana has an excellent design and is organized in workspaces, that allows to separate the personal projects of professionals, for example. Creating tasks is very simple with this software: with just one click you create new tasks, you assign them to a responsible, you change them project, put them deadlinesyou attached files from DropboxGoogle Drive or computer, you create subtasks, add you tags to find them easily, etc.

Communication is also a value in Asana, which has a space for communication with other members of the team, which works like atime linein each space, project and task. To be aware of how the tasks or enough projects with which you use the option to follow him.Both comments and updates are made instantly and you can share calendars.

This task management software is web-based, and is accessible from any mobile deviceIt also has a very practical application for iPhone.

While a version there are premium that must be paid, the free version of Asana tends to be more than sufficient in many cases, since it allows up to 15 users.



This management software, which was born under the name of Teambox, is very intuitive, and it is a simple and useful tool for collaborative projects.

Redbooth has a very comfortable Desk , which gives you a general glimpse of the situation with all new notifications of different projects, from messages to task updates, and all the tasks you have assigned, they are backward, scheduled for that day or the following, and the priority level.

Redbooth gives you the option of organizing work at various levels. First, you can create different organizations, that you can use to differentiate between different companies that you have, or between the personal and the professional. And among them, you can assign priority to those which are most important for ti.

The projects are within organizations, and you choose what participants add to each one. There are several tabs in them: one is fortalks, where we can start different threads of discussion or brainstorming, write messages to specific recipients who should receive the message, attach files, etc. These conversations can be transformed into tasks with a single click.

Another is the tab of task, where you have the activities organized in columns or lists, which function as large categories where group activities that are similar. When you open the task, not only you will see the conversation and the files associated with it but also you can assign a responsible, put a deadline, make a comment on the task, reject it or mark it as completed.

Redbooth you also have a space to take and share notes, you can make and schedule video conferences, and finally stands out itssearch engineused to find tasks by name or label, liable, by date, or status, among others.

With Redbooth you can choose to work in the cloud , or install it on your System and you have iOS and iPhone applications. That Yes, the downside is that at the moment it has no free version, and the price increases as you add participants.



GanttProject is a program free quite different from the previous ones that require installation on your computer. But it is very simple to use, with a great interface and tasks for any project can be arranged very graphically.

As its name implies, its most prominent feature is the ability of crear, modify and print complex Gantt diagrams, which can beconverted to PDF or HTML easily. In addition, it also serves to create Pert charts.

One of the great strengths of GanttProject is allowing to organize tasks in a hierarchical way, subordinating one to others and showing the order in which it should be carried out and the priority of each. It also allows to set milestones.

With GanttProject, in addition, assign each task can a worker and a coordinator, give a kind of priority, show the progress made, which are represented on the chart with different textures and colors, and associate it with a url. But in addition, we can customize the information for each task by adding new fields.

GanttProject is a management software of open code, with continuous updates and License GPL (General Public License). It can be used with both Windows and Mac OS X and Linux and is compatible with Microsoft Project.


Of course, using a project management software does not guarantee good performance. But even if not do the work for you, these tools help better organize tasks and make teamwork easiertime takes advantage of best and communication is more fluid. If you have not done so, I recommend that you integrate one into your routine.

Seven Seats

Seven Chairs (in German Sieben Stühle in Latin Septem Sedes ) is called a territory of the Imperial Lands ( Königsboden ) in Transylvania (GermanSiebenbürgen means “seven cities”: Sibiu, Brasov, Medias, Sighisoara, Sebes, Rupea, Bistrita ), representing units of Directors Saxons of Transylvania, in the twelfth century until the late nineteenth century.

On 14 July 1349 is the first indication that there were seven seats ( Sieben Stühle ) consisting of “principal seat” ( Hauptstuhl ) from Sibiu (Cybininum ) and seven “side chairs” ( Nebenstühle ) from Drastic ( Broos ) Sebes ( Mühlbach ), Miercurea Sibiu ( Ruzmargt today Reußmarkt ),Sighisoara ( castrum Sches today Schäßburg ) Nocrich ( Leuskyrch today Leschkirch ) Cincu ( Schenk , today Großschenk ) and Rupea ( Reps ).

Şeica seat and seat Medias were formed later, under the name of ” Two Chairs “( Zwei Stühle ).  District Brasov and Bistrita District were formed and they later but had no chairs subordination .

A “seat” was a union of several towns and villages, subject to the same judicial powers. For each chair was designated a “royal judge” (Königsrichter ) ( judex regis ), which was subject only to the king of Hungary.

Seats and districts were headed by a judge of the place, called the county seat (in German Stuhlrichter in Latin judex sedis or judex terrestris ) assisted later by a military commander. The highest administrative function of the Saxons was the “seat of Sibiu County” (in German Stuhlrichter von Hermannstadt in Latin judex Cibinensis ).

From 1453 Tălmaciului seat and the seat Săliştei were incorporated city, as its subsidiaries, to the abolition of the Saxon University after the Austro-Hungarian dualism.

Prior to form a secular organization, administrative, Saxons had an ecclesiastical organization which incorporate by deans and surrender  almost all the Saxon population. Saxon secular administration was born later and did not contain all the regions inhabited by Saxons , knowing that in areas where they sat there and villages inhabited by Székely , Hungarian and especially Romanian .

From the royal initiative, Prepozituria Sibiu embed its management Saxon majority of the population in this region. Prepozit function of Sibiu was one of the most important royal investiture requiring confirmation of the pope.  Prepozitura be based in Sibiu, but there were cases like that of the preposition Theodoricus in 1245 which simultaneously fulfilled the function of priest in Sebes .

In 1219 Pope Honorius III founded the ecclesiastical organization of Barsa ,  the purpose of establishing a new bishopric episcopate unaffiliated Transylvania, calling a dean own. In addition was founded Diocese Milcovia , placed under the protection of the Teutonic Knights , whose initiative was Christianization Cumans settled on this land. It followed the establishment of surrender and dean in all territories Saxon villages comprising less administration  than districts and seats. Few surrendered were affiliated prepoziturii city, most of them belonging to the bishopric of Transylvania.  Barsa, like all capitulii not belonging to the bishopric of Transylvania belonged to the Archdiocese of Esztergom . There was a time when capitulii strengthened their autonomy in centuries XIII and XIV, as with the adoption of the Lutheran Reformation in the sixteenth century, to succeed the establishment of a bishopric own.

§Administration secular change change source ]

German settlements in Transylvania
(after Thomas Nagler )

By the Andreanum of 1224, issued by King Andrew II of Hungary were abolished all Transylvanian counties except Sibiu County, the latter giving it the component that territory and lands between Drastic and Drăuşeni ( Baraolt ). If colonization by Saxons in the eleventh century and XII was made ​​in isolated groups, from XIII century King Andrew II wanted their administrative and legal unification [16] , in one ” people “( populus site unus ). By the beginning of the fourteenth century, the head of Sibiu was chosen by the king a commit and then it was only confirmed in office by the central government. During this period, the princes of the royal commissioners had little involvement in community affairs Saxon, but administrative organizations are known as “Saxon seats” are assumed to be composed of the original counties before 1224, the term “chair” as a form Short “judgment seat.” Sibiu province seats were created in the middle of the thirteenth century and the first documentary mention was made ​​only in the second half of XIV century. The “Seven seats” were original: Drastic , Sebes , Miercurea , Sibiu , Nocrich , Cincu and Rupea the seat added to Sighisoara  at the beginning of the fourteenth century and Two Chairs, hire chairs London and Seica the century XV. Th. Nagler considers that the assumption of the existence of the initial eight seats, ignoring the most important of them, Chair of Sibiu , it would be totally wrong. [2]

Regions of origin of Saxon colonists

Leading the county seat was a royal Saxon ( judex regius ) appointed from among Greava , seconded by magistrates elected chair from among residents and later by magistrates village (villicus ). Officials chair dealt with perception and distribution royal duties, financial and administration issues and mobilizing the army, the highest institution of the Congregation seat Sibiu province. How Saxon seats were not a unified territory, it is easy to see that many villages founded by the Saxon lands were part of the nobility and the Romanian counties populated by other nations, and could include such territories Secaşelor Plateau , and the lands of the Küküllő Northern Transylvania. In addition to the seats thus constituted, had its own administration districts Bistritaand Brasov .

Function commit or royal judge District Braşov and Bistrita was exercised until the beginning of the fourteenth century Committees Székelys . The jurisdiction of the district Bistrita noble disbanded since 1330 when the Saxon community began to freely choose the judge. Since 1366, Louis amplifies Saxons and designate rights for Bistrita as a court of appeal, Chair of Sibiu. Later, after the second half of the fifteenth century, representatives of the two chairs,  of districts Bistrita and Braşov and the villages Vinţ and Vurpăr , frequently attending meetings of the Seven Seats.

In 1486 Matthias Corvinus confirmed bachelor extinds Andreian and take effect on all the regions inhabited by Saxon royal land ( fundus regius ). Thus was founded Saxon University ( Universitas Saxorum ) in 1487 by meeting representatives of the Seven Chairs of the two seats and the districts Bistrita and Brasov. If the administrative power belonged to nobles in the first centuries of colonization and subsequent Greava after XIV century leadership returned Saxon patricians. The patriciate has enslaved many villages outside the territories administered initially created their own fields, like the cities of northern Italy. [24] In this way arose seats subsidiaries as of Tălmaciului filial seat and seat of Săliştei filial , which were mainly Romanian community administration.


Architecture in Transylvania and Banat in the beginning of the twentieth century

Unlike the obvious impact of French influence in the Old Kingdom, outside the Carpathians, in Transylvania and Banat, part of the Habsburg Empire until 1918, architecture manifested in resonance with the style of “Secession” Vienna and Budapest.

In some cities, Oradea, Arad and Timisoara, middle class with a growing economic force will turn to the latest trends in Central Europe for its building initiatives. Architects practicing in the idiom Sezession centers Austro-Hungarian Empire built for many local entrepreneurs and ambitious family estate report undoubtedly marks, until today, the urban context at the center of these cities.

In contrast, in the center of the Transylvanian plateau, in Targu Mures or St George stood monumental buildings for administration, involving numerous artistic techniques in external ornamentation and interior decoration and private residences in a sober architecture with explicit references to art design traditional region.

Venacular Transylvanian Secession style and style

Examination of the proposed architecture into European modernity in this part of the country, between 1901 and 1920, followed two tracks. The first direction, the early and widespread, link to influence notable Odon Lechner style of Budapest illustrated. Several of his students and collaborators Odon designed and executed with functions and structures of various sizes, from the diminutive urban housing administrative offices monumental. Architecture guided by this guidance recognizes the style “Secession” folclorizat, exuberant and decorated. Scalloped attics, treating frames, facade reliefs, railings and parapets graphics put into practice a depth of curves and vegetal elements.

Craft tradition (artistic processing of iron and wood, ceramic glazed building, mural painting, decorative mocazic or furniture) and art crafts workshops will introduce Transylvanian Secession style especially typical elements of embroidery. As neo-Romanian architecture beyond the Carpathians, in Transylvania, architectural ornaments cite this traditional textile art. There are also, in relation to the treatment of buildings especially the fronts classic-Secession grafts or eclectic.

A second direction later in temporal order and most interesting link to formulating a Transylvanian style in architecture. Concominent received lessons from Art Nouveau and from searches related to proposed regional spirit of Saarinen and his associates, but also the architectural philosophy of the school of organicist Glasgow or other searches will exert strong influences on many talented architects.

Less interested in the effects of secessionism guidance ornamental Lechner, Karoly Kos, Wigand Thoroczai-Vago brothers will go mainly to volume and composition lessons proposed austerity decorative historical examples and vernacular. The comprehensive searches and their construction activities have contributed to the formulation of a regional authenticity and install a variant convincing guidelines today circumscribed National romanticism category.

Székely National Museum building in Saint-George


The museum building is illustrative Székely National Transylvanian regional style, rooted in folk architecture and medieval architecture. Plan, shape, structure building are references to castles, cities, Saxon fortified churches and traditional house Székely. Using local materials and local craftsmen to build the museum shows an affinity for the movement “Arts & Crafts”.The relationship between the courtyard and the main entrance is an allusion to the fortified churches in Transylvania.

Entry to the museum itself is a Romanesque portal achieved. The central tower is finished with a wooden gazebo, crowned with towers corner and covered with colored ceramic “Zsolany. The tower is the central compositional element that articulates side volumes housing the showroom.

P RIMAR of Targu Mures

The building originally designed for city hall is a large-scale work done by roofing contractors and Jakab Oradea arhiecţilor partnership. Opera these two marks becoming contemporary architects cities like Oradea and Targu Mures and is essential for expression and completion of the Secession’s stylistic vocabulary Transylvania.

Treated as an autonomous volume, large scale, communal palace program is interpreted here by a symmetrical composition on two axes developed horizontally intervention highlighted by color. A 60-meter campanile open market composition by cultural palace to be carried out a few years later by the same architects.

Sober decoration of polychrome pottery and stucco exterior with folk motifs dominated by geometric and chromatic interior living is offset by a highly charged: ribbed vaults terminated by stellate rosettes, marble tiles, panels of gold and wrought iron chandeliers, panels associated stained glass stained glass technique) with multiple references and sometimes extravagant and exotic examples from Hungarian folklore and cultural tradition.

Ensemble arhitectual “Black Eagle” in Oradea

Urban Island incorporating multiple functions served by an interior street with three accesses Y, showing the city building facades consolidated report, “Black Eagle” was built between 1907 and 1909. The architectural ensemble includes a cinema, theater, a hotel, offices, shops, meeting rooms and homes.

In chronological order, precede Black Eagle large work performed by architects Jakab and Komor partnership in Targu Mures and be ranked among the most important and complex Secession style architecture in Transylvania. The facades accumulate skilfully entire arsenal of momentum- formal sculptural volumes, involving a variety of materials and decorative techniques, folk elements such as curved cock on the corner of the building. The scale of the theaters monmentală presents an interesting and massive balustrade semicircular arch and lower groin interţiile suggest consistent with Viennese atmosphere.

Best Car Rental Deals in Transylvania

What are the best car rental deals in Transylvania?

rent a car in targu muresTransylvania became in a short time the economic heart of Romania.The large number of companies opened in the region has led to an increase in demands serious car rental companies. People’s need for mobility and flexibility is understandable. Those wishing to rent cars will discover as many sights in Transylvania, in a pleasant and trouble free.

Nor should we consider only the tourist side of this service because many companies are currently seeking professional services operating lease. Small and medium firms seeking to establish productive car fleets that streamline the process of transporting goods from one point to another work. It is very important for any business to gain time during transport cargo or personnel working.

Given that Transylvania is a source of income for many, we are not surprised to see increased interest in rental cars. In cities like Alba Iulia, Targu Mures, Brasov and Cluj Napoca rent a car are numerous companies that offer professional services and those interested in more than affordable prices. However, it remains to find out which are the best car rental deals in Transylvania to increase productivity for companies and driving pleasure for some hiking tours. If you start looking for a car, you must have a few things in mind: price, technical quality of cars, professionalism and diversity fleet company that the company he owns. A first indication that the car rental company you want to call it confidence, is the size and diversity of the fleet.

  • Car park large and diverse

cheap car rentalromaniaLarge firms rent a car in Transylvania have a large car park and diversified. What does this mean?There are many benefits that come along access to a large car park. First increase your chances to find a car to suit specific activities. For example, one of the most popular companies of car rental in Targu Mures and Cluj is AutoBoca. This company provides all those interested in quality machines that meet the diverse needs of transport easily.

You’ll find mini and economic machine that are perfect for urban roads. At the same time you can rent cars older (SUVs and minivans) that allow the transport of persons in groups. So you can hold and move more freely and easily through various regions. Many Transylvanian resort to Rent a Car AutoBoca whenever they need to lead a high quality machine.

  • Rental prices

Auto rentals in romaniaWhen trying to find out the best car rental deals in Transylvania have to do a comparative study.When we know the market offerings accordingly we can select the best option. Major car rental companies enter into a fierce competition when the season starts. If you are careful, you will find offers more than convenient. We believe that with a little patience and access to a reliable guide, I manage to find the best deal rent a car.

We offer an example: AutoBoca Rent a Car has a special program entitled “Welcome machines”.In it the Romans opportunity to rent cars at prices more than profitable. If you decide to see AutoBoca offer you the opportunity to find standard cars and premium prices.

  • Professionalism and transparent company

Best rent a car in romaniaWhen you decide to rent a car from a company, you should know if its representatives are professionals. In just a few minutes to see if that company staff are ready to give you full information and useful about the rental and more. A pleasant surprise offers Autoboca representatives Rent a Car in Targu Mures and Cluj Napoca.

All agencies working at this firm meet customers with professionalism and respect. Also to be found at AutoBoca a productive policy of transparency during the rental. When a client wishes to rent a car from AutoBoca, he receives complete data on all machines. If you know exactly what terms of a contract, the decision to opt for a particular service comes naturally.

  • Technical quality of the cars in the fleet

top rent a car serviceWho wants to rent a car which have technical problems? Nobody! A professional driver wants to drive a good car, capable of providing pleasant moments at the wheel. Almost all car rental companies that have observed an ongoing auto maintenance program. For example: AutoBoca Rent a Car offers car rental verified customers only professional auto centers. Dealers from all segments are carefully checked by experienced mechanics.

Most customers were satisfied by technical quality of all the machines they led. So when you are behind the wheel you should know that the car will not disappoint you in the middle of the road!

The firm’s largest law firm in Romania, Transylvania Insolvency House takes Cionca Bidiga company Godinca

House Nestor Nestor law Diculescu Kingston Petersen ( NNDKP ) announced takeover lawyers office CioncaBidiga Godinca division of House LawInsolvency Transylvania, according . ” Investing in the regional offices of Timisoara (2003), Brasov ( 2007) Craiova ( 2010 ) and Cluj (2011) exceeded 200,000 before euro and income of these offices reorezinta about 8% of company revenues , “said Ion Nestor , one of the partners NNDKP.Office in Cluj will be led Cristina Bidiga, an Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton with experience in litigation, commercial and labor disputes. “The opening of this new office is a strategic decision and essential arising naturally from the partnership that we concluded in 2010 with those of the House of Insolvency Transylvania and will help us to provide services in May efficient regional clients such as Nokia , Bechtel . Cut as logistics costs and minimize the response time to the demands of our customers , “said Simona Neagu , partner and coordinator of the OfficeNNDKP of Cluj . House Lawyer NNDKP had in 2009 a gross turnover of 16 million euros in 2009. The company was founded in 1990 by Manuela and Ion Nestor ( photo ).

Nearly 18,000 vacancies nationally. Over 8,000 are in Transylvania

Romanians looking for work should know that there are currently about 18,000 job vacancies.Interestingly, of the 17 975 jobs available, more than 8,000 are in Transylvania.

Voice Transylvania and resume perth below presents the top counties in Transylvania, depending on the number of vacancies. Nationally, people with higher education are offered 1,399 jobs: programmer 95, 74 mechanical engineer, researcher in physics 40, 33 in computer systems engineer, 32 operator input, validation and processing, 31 legal adviser, and 29 sales agent.

“For people with secondary education, professional and unskilled workers are available 16 576 jobs, of which: 1.490 maker assembler Textile, clothing industry laborer 1.217, 1.021 laborer in assembling, fitting parts, 624 commercial workers, 506 industrial garment maker operator fabrics, knitwear, synthetic materials, freight handler 471, 363 etc. seller “reads a press release of the National Agency for Employment.

According to him, people interested in taking up a job can address territorial agencies for employment of domicile or residence address or access where they can view job vacancies offered in each county, the trades, and contacts which may require additional information.

In Transylvania, Cluj, Arad and Hunedoara are bidding on the jobs available, with over 4,100 jobs in total.The opposite is Salaj, Covasna and Mures, with only a few hundred.

Here are the top counties in Transylvania in the number of vacancies:

1. Cluj - 2333
2. Arad – 1236
3. Hunedoara – 603
4. Harghita – 546
5. Satu-Mare – 445
6. Alba – 436
7. Sibiu – 427
8. Bistrita-Nasaud – 399
9. Braşov – 379
10. Bihar – 378
11. Maramures – 335
12. Mures – 263
13. Covasna – 180
14. Salaj – 68

Some best villas in Transilvania

Wonder Spring   Villa in Mauritius ****   , located near Wonder Spring, consisting of living room, bedroom and dining room, kitchen, balcony, satellite TV, minibar, shower with hydromassage facility. (Max 6 people)

Villa Hera **   , located near the cottages and villas Lilac Wonder Spring has 10 double rooms and two suites equipped with color TV with satellite, bathroom with shower and a meeting room located on the ground floor.

Villa bat ****  , organized on the ground floor with a studio and an apartment with two bedrooms and a living room (max 6 people) Floor organized similar but with only one bedroom apartment (max 4locuri) and Basement apartment with a bedroom, living room and bar (max 3 places).

The Big Event – World Cup 2015

Cricket world cup 2015 is considered to be one of the craziest and renowned sports all around the globe. People are huge followers of this potential sport and they can’t even miss it, no matter what. There are numerous teams from different corners of the world and all they aim for is to win this big event known as the World Cup. However, the current edition which is just about to spark will be an exciting thrill for the followers.  This is an event which people just go crazy as there are thousands and millions of fans around the globe. This will be the 11th edition of the Cricket World Cup which is being hosted by both New Zealand and Australia. There will be a total of 49 matches in 14 venues scattered between Australia and New Zealand. All the relevant preparations have been made and people are very excited to see their favorite team win the battle and come back home with a glorious win. There are numerous websites that can provide you with all the details relating to your favorite team. This nail biting tournament is going to start from the 14th of February and will last till 29th of March. All the potential teams participating in this tournament will be divided into two pools, Pool A and Pool B. cricket

Cricket fans get so much excited and joyful because they are getting what they want through live cricket streaming which satisfies them. This latest technology makes you catch live action without being dependent on the traditional television sets or cable network. Team India is the defending champions as they won the Cup in the last edition of this tournament, they manage to win this Cup by defeating Sri Lanka. However, predictions are being made all over the world and every one of us just wants our favorite team to win. This is an event that is enjoyed by not just the youngsters but also adults because the teams playing in this event are representing their country and their people. This event also contributes in terms of boosting of the economy of the country which are hosting. Numerous advertisement campaigns and people enjoy this in every possible way.

The countries that host this World Cup are considered to have and additional benefit because of their home-grounds and their potential supporters supporting their team. In this case Australia and New Zealand will definitely have an edge over other countries but this cricket and anything can happen in this game and besides it’s not just a series comprising of few teams, this is way bigger this is the Cricket world cup 2015, everyone around the globe have been waiting for this moment which is just round the corner. Just count the days soon the big day will come, enjoy it with your family and friends, support your teams with greatest of the spirit.

For more cricket world cup 2015 details, you should visit

Transilvania Adventure Trophy 2009

Between 4 and 10 July 2009 the 8th edition of the Transilvania Adventure Trophy was held. 70 cars in Extreme category and 36 in category Hobby appointment in the most extreme off road racing in Europe were given.Participated the best off road riders from fifteen European countries, who competed in teams of two cars. As in previous editions took place between North and South Deva camps.

This particular edition was the hardest and demanding held so far due to heavy rains that had fallen during the two weeks preceding the race. In addition, during the race and especially at night, storms worse than ever the terrain.

This time we attended the press TAT2009 as enabling us to live the race live.


On this trip we accompany the participants of the two national teams:

07a. Juliet Kakish / LR Defender
07B. Jorge Gonzálbez, Andrés Alonso / Nissan Patrol

14a. Jordi Badia, Marc Bay / Nissan Patrol GR
14b. Calleja Pedro, Xavi Moorly / Nissan Patrol

Travel Barcelona – Romania

The trip to Romania starts on Wednesday 1 July at the port of Barcelona where boarded vehicles bound for Genoa.

On Thursday July 2 arrived at the port of Genoa early morning. We are a convoy of five vehicles: the four participants plus the Defender 90 Td5 release. All vehicles are rolling Genoa to Romania on their own except the Nissan Patrol trial (07b) that moves on a roll platform for Mercedes ML.

The first incident happens within hours of starting the journey. In the middle of the highway and traveling at 100km / h the six screws from the right rear wheel of the Nissan Patrol Peter were sheared. Is free wheel and the brake disc miracle rests on the inside of the rim allowing stop in time.After removing the four standoffs bushings we continue the journey. It must be said that although the assembly and tightening torques may also have had some impact, separators was very low quality.

On Thursday night we dined and slept in Croatia on a highway hotel on foot. The Defender Carles had problems with the sensor Terratrip and try to fix it.

On Friday July 3 in the afternoon we reached the border of Romania. From here the journey is much slower. In Romania there are no highways and travel through the main Romanian roads are made to an average of 60km / h. In some roads where there is almost no shoulder is possible to find from tractors to horse carts through people walking quietly down the road. Also you should exercise extreme caution since it is common for large vehicles such as trucks and trailers overtake continuous curves with poor visibility. During this afternoon I went to pour and Deva road until it was cut through the mud and debris of a landslide. We had to wait 2 to 3 hours to clean up the track and return to open the way to vehicles.

In the evening we arrived at Deva. Direct to “Hotel Sarmis” which is where all the logistics of the race is concentrated Let. Due to the large volume of some participants staying at a second hotel farther.The organization tells us that we are the Spanish participants enrolled in another hotel, but thanks to contacts Carles, already an unconditional test, we finally can stay at the Hotel Sarmis.

All day Saturday July 4 they come in countless vong bi skf the parking of Hotel Sarmis because that is where the registration of participants are made, attendance, the press, etc. In the afternoon and almost all participants have the vehicle in park, where you can see and take pictures.

transilvania-adventure-trophy-001-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-002-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-003-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-004-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-005-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-006-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-007-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-008-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-009-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-010-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-011-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-012-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-013-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-014-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-015-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-016-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-017-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-018-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-019-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-020-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-021-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-022-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-023-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-024-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-025-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-026-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-027-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-028-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-029-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-030-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-031-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-032-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-033-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-034-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-035-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-036-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-037-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-038-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-039-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-040-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-041-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-042-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-043-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-044-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-045-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-046-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-047-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-048-thumb.jpg

Transylvania Housing Management sl

Transylvania Management of Housing sl is a company incorporated on 31/05/2006 in Murcia, Murcia. Your NCEA is real estate development featuring Warehouse To Let Epping. The main activity of Transylvania Management sl-build property owners SC real estate managers. This company also provides house cleaning services by cooperate with toronto cleaning services.

Transylvania Gestion de la sl Housing is registered in the trade register of Murcia. The capital of this company is on the stretch of 1-3500 €, with a number of employees from 1 to 10 and a turnover of between 250,001 and 750,000 € .

Transylvania Housing Management sl is a company dedicated to the development, construction and sale of Works, Buildings, Houses, Industrial Buildings and premises and Ordination, complex, Parcelacion and Sell your home fast; the conduct of the proceedings Urbanisticas, the construction, building and provision of urban services, all p. His last ad in BORME was published on 10/02/2011 in the Register of Murcia, Bulletin 28, reference 60413. This change has been Interim Closure Registration Sheet, registered on 01/02/2011, Volume 2371, Folio 98, Section 8, Page 57620, Inscription A.

Contact Transylvania Housing Management sl

  • Address of registered office of Transylvania Housing Management sl : AV / LIBERTAD, 6 B1.6 ENTRESLO 2. MURCIA, MURCIA

The information contained in this form is only an excerpt of the entire company information available on the company axesor Murcia Transylvania Housing Management sl . You can view contact information (phone, address, …), commercial, financial and risk of Transylvania Gestion Housing sl , either because you are analyzing a commercial operation, conducting research on Transylvania Gestion Housing sl, or just because you want to know about this company.

How to translate Spanish into Romanian (a guide for tourists in Transylvania)

Spanish is a Romance language (Romance Languages ​​and Latin languages), with some 417 million speakers, according to the website Omniglot language. The Spanish spoken in the European countries of Spain and Andorra, as well as in Latin American countries like Mexico, Peru and Chile. The Romanian, another romance language, is spoken by about 24 million people, mainly in Romania and Moldavia. The Spanish translation into Romanian can be difficult if you are not a fluent speaker of both languages. Fortunately, there are many tools available online to make translation easier.

  1. Visit a website online translation with web browser of your choice. Do not pay translate text from Spanish into Romanian, unless you require a professional translation, as there are many alternatives available free on the Internet. The translation of Google and Babylon are two examples of web sites that allow you to translate from Spanish into Romanian for free.

  2. Locate the text you want to translate. Highlight it, copy it and paste it in the translation box of the website you have chosen. Some websites will be able to detect that the text is in Spanish automatically. If it does not, select “Spanish” as an option in the drop-down menu that specifies the language you want to translate. Then select “Romanian” from the menu that indicates the language you need to be translated.

  3. Click the ‘Translate’ button and wait while preparing your website translation. If the text is too long, this may take several minutes. However, most translation websites are able to provide a result within a few seconds. Evita click anywhere else on the website while the computer is processing your application, as this can slow or stop the process.

  4. Check the translation computer generated for you. Consider whether your computer has correctly translated all the words in context. If there is a word whose translation is ambiguous, look it separately in a dictionary. If you are not satisfied with the translation, try again using a different website and compare the results.


Tips and Warnings

  • If you need the translation of an important legal document, or anything else that requires professional quality, consider the payment of a translator to do the job. Click here to discover the best translation services in the UK. Someone who speaks both languages ​​fluently be able to generate more accurate than a web translator translation.


Regional health priorities in Northern Transylvania

The three main regional priorities for health 2014-2020, the North West, are investments in primary care and outpatient system; reduce the number of days of hospitalization in the tertiary system; development of emergency medicine and emergency reception units.

Regional Development Agency North West held Thursday at Cluj meeting of the Working Group “health infrastructure” under the Regional Planning Committee. It develops the region Development Plan for 2014-2020, the main strategic document in the Northern Transylvania which will be instrumental in guiding public and private investments in the next programming period. The meeting was attended by 30 representatives of Departments of Public Health, County Health Insurance House, representatives of the County Councils and E-health experts the IT Cluster Northern Transylvania. Participants stressed the importance of identifying projects integrated with territorial coverage, which will impact on local communities and have proposed several ideas for projects that can contribute to the priorities. These include a network Regional patient, including providing equipment and technologies; training programs for healthcare professionals and medical emergency preparedness; Regional Dispatch interconnected interventions and reducing the response time in an emergency; prevention and public education programs; Information and opening the system to new technologies;investments in energy efficiency in existing health infrastructure, according to These projects can be part of the portfolio of priority projects in the region for the next programming period.

Transylvanian Hound

The Transylvanian Hound is a breed of dog originating in ancient Hungary. They are dogs of medium size and provided with rectangular body, your appearance is an athletic animal. They reach a height of 55-65 cm on average and weighing 25 to 35 kilos. The head shape is elongated, the ears are medium sized and fall to the side of the cheeks, the tail is of medium length. The coat of these dogs is short and smooth so it does not require special care.


Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound photos Transylvanian Hound photos

With a bath every so often is enough to have pet hair vacuum cleaner as shiny and well kept. The color of Sabueso Transylvania is black all over the body and only has some parts with tan on the area above the eyes, on the muzzle and legs. These dogs have a balanced, courageous, persevering, faithful, independent, good companions for their owners character. It is a goodfamily dog as it gets along well with people, although they are not seeking affection as otherraces . They are intelligent dogs so they can be easily educated to behave properly. Thesedogs are rustic and well adapted to all climates and lifestyles, but it is convenient to live on farms, fields and houses with gardens so you can move freely. They are not feeling well in small spaces dogs .
The Transylvanian Hound is a working animal as it was used as a hunting dog so accustomed to exercise. It is important that these dogs daily exercise and walk to keep them mentally and physically balanced. These dogs are not healthy animals and not specific to this disease are known race . They usually have an expectation of 12 years on average. TheTransylvanian Hound is not an easy breed to find in all countries so it is not as well known as others. But these animals are really dogs very good and loyal so they are excellent companions. This breed of dog is easy to care for and with good nutrition, vaccinations up to date, exercise daily and a regular visit to the vet.


Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound photos Transylvanian Hound photos

Vacaciones Transilvania

Se trata de una broma muy divertida sobre Transylvania - chistes corto para niños.

Bob Hill y su esposa Betty estaban de vacaciones en Europa, como es el caso, cerca de Transilvania. Iban en un coche de alquiler a lo largo de una autopista en lugar desierto. Era tarde, y lloviendo muy duro. Bob apenas podía ver 20 metros delante del coche. De repente, el coche patina fuera de control! Bob intenta controlar el coche, pero fue en vano! Los virajes de coche y se estrella contra un árbol. Momentos después, Bob niega con la cabeza para despejar la niebla. Aturdido, mira al asiento del pasajero y ve a su esposa inconsciente, con sangrado la cabeza! A pesar de la lluvia y el campo desconocido, Bob sabe que tiene que llevarla al teléfono más cercano. Bob escoge cuidadosamente su esposa y comienza caminando por la carretera. Después de un rato, él ve una luz. Se dirige hacia la luz, que viene de una vieja casona. Se acerca a la puerta y llama. Pasa un minuto. Un hombre encorvado pequeña abre la puerta. Bob exclama inmediatamente, “Hola, mi nombre es Bob Hill, y esta es mi esposa Betty. Nosotros hemos estado en un terrible accidente, y mi esposa ha sido gravemente herido. ¿Puedo por favor, utilice el teléfono ??” “Estoy lo siento “, respondió el jorobado”, pero no tenemos un teléfono Mi maestro es un doctor;. entrar y yo iré por él “! Bob trae a su mujer en un hombre elegante baja las escaleras.. “Me temo que mi asistente pudo haber engañado a ti yo no soy un doctor en medicina;. Soy un científico Sin embargo, es muchas millas a la clínica más cercana, y he tenido una formación médica básica veré lo que puedo.. hacer. Igor, llevarlos al laboratorio. ” Con eso, Igor recoge Betty y la lleva de la planta baja, con Bob siguiendo de cerca. Igor coloca Betty en una mesa en el laboratorio. Bob se derrumba de agotamiento y sus propias heridas, por lo que Igor coloca Bob en una mesa contigua. Después de un breve examen, el maestro de Igor ve preocupado. “Las cosas son serias, Igor. Prepare una transfusión.”Igor y su obra maestra febrilmente, pero fue en vano. Bob y Betty Hill no son más. muertes The Hills ‘molestos maestro de Igor enormemente. Con cansancio, él sube las escaleras a su jardín de invierno, donde se encuentra su piano de cola. Porque es aquí donde siempre ha encontrado consuelo. Comienza a jugar, y una agitación, casi inquietante, melodía llena la casa. Mientras tanto, Igor se encuentra todavía en el laboratorio de poner en orden. Sus ojos capturan el movimiento, y se da cuenta de los dedos de la mano contracción de Betty. Aturdido, se observa como el brazo de Bob comienza a subir! Él está más sorprendido que Betty se sienta hacia arriba! Kamagra Soft Tabletten, se lanza por las escaleras hasta el jardín de invierno. Él irrumpe y le grita a su amo: “¡Maestro, Maestro … Las colinas están vivas con el sonido de la música!

Partnership CECCAR – Transylvania University – Accountants without exam

Graduates master “Accounting Policies, auditing and management control” of the Faculty of Economics in Brasov can become accountants without having to pass an exam othergraduates master “Accounting Policies, auditing and management control” of the Faculty of Economics Brasov can become accountants without having to support another exam. This is possible due to a protocol between the Body of Expert and Licensed small business bookkeeper of Romania (CECCAR) – Brasov Branch and “Transilvania” University of Brasov. According to this protocol, graduates of master “Accounting Policies, Audit and control management “may require that program equivalence entrance exam to obtain quality internship accountant, according to Marius Dobre, executive director of MYOB Services Blacktown . The graduates of this master will not have to give exam for chartered accountant, who is one of difficulty, seven subjects. took the oath at the ceremony on Wednesday evening, held in the hall of the University Hill CP3 were present teachers Faculty of Economics, branch management representatives CECCAR Brasov, accounting professionals and graduate students. Moreover, in a festive, the roughly 150 master graduates who have passed the skills and become accountants, have professional oath. profession of chartered accountant is regulated by Government Ordinance no. 65/1994 regarding the organization of accounting expertise and is certified accountants and accounting management and organization, supervising management companies, financial statements and making accounting expertise. exam for Chartered Accountant For those who choose to give the exam to become experts accountant or Contract Bookkeeper are held annually entrance examination must obtain at least the minimum average 7 and Note 6 in each subject. To this is added and completion of a three-year stint and an examination of skills at the end of the internship. exam can apply for admission those with higher economic education, with a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education, who have full legal capacity and have had no conviction that the laws in force, prohibits the right of management and administration of companies. Entrance examination enrollment stage to obtain quality accountant is based on an application to be submitted at the branch MYOB Software Services chatswood in whose jurisdiction the applicant resides, accompanied by a medical certificate showing that the applicant is capable of full year, completed and signed curriculum vitae sole responsibility of the applicant, certified copy of the education and criminal record certificate with valid unexpired term. The entrance exam consists of two written supporting, encompassing subjects from subjects accounting, taxation and law exam on the first day and the second day of the economic and financial evaluation of companies, audit, accounting expertise and doctrine and ethics of the accounting profession, both samples for three hours to developing responses. 

Charity Cycling in Transylvania

Charity Cycling in Transylvania

Humanitarian campaign “Bike4Children”, which started on 12 May in the Netherlands, will arrive today înTransilvania. The 12 riders who left the town Raamsdonksveer compete in a humanitarian in order to obtain money for hospitals children in the Netherlands and Romania. they will arrive today in the country, between the hours of 16.00 and 18.00, the Customs Bors and tomorrow’s race, which will last ten days will end in Union Square in Cluj. All 12 cyclists are Dutch and will travel about 2,100 km to the final destination. cyclists will arrive in Cluj in the presence of Mayor Sorin Apostu, after which they will move at the CSi Romania, where will be donated and the proceeds of the sponsoring foundations Kika and Peter Pan . event “Bike4Children” is organized with best fixed gear bike  to commemorate five years of existence the company CSi Romania.

Our Heritage, online source for identifying and mapping the Transylvanian heritage, Our Heritage, Transilvania

The  Association for App marketing we mentioned here on the blog, when I presented the draft Browse the City to Sibiu . The same association has recently initiated a new project dedicated to Transylvania, Our Heritage , a project that aims to identify and map the Transylvanian heritage.

Project site indexed profiles of over 2,300 monuments in Transylvania, plus a complete list of monuments in Alba, Cluj, Covasna, Harghita, Hunedoara, Mures, Salaj Sibiu, Bistrita-Năsăud and Brasov.

In short, Our Heritage is an online historical heritage of Transylvania.

Project site can be accessed and read on your phone or tablet, which has a responsive design.

Users browsing the site can be filtered according to cultural preferences (district, architecture, heritage, specific categories), accessibility and priorities.

All monuments listed on the site can be rated by visitors, so those visiting the site to see which are the most attractive in terms of popularity.

The project is funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

Our Heritage in the same category include projects forgotten monuments and Transylvania , both with the same approach, but supporters / donors different. To these may be added projects thatBanaterra and Encyclopedia Romania , projects are more extensive, covering the cultural and historical side from several perspectives (events, personalities, places and other facts).

You can find more information about this on social media. Please visit: Social Media Crisis Training

Three theaters in Transylvania, nominated ‘Best Performance’ Gala UNITER from Tirgu Mures

Three theaters in Transylvania, in St. George, Sibiu and Cluj Napoca, have been nominated in the category ‘Best Performance’ at the XXII edition of UNITER Awards Gala, to be held Monday night at the Palace of Culture Targu Mures.

National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu Photo: (c) Trideci PAULESCU / AGERPRES ARCHIVES To the XXII edition of UNITER Awards Gala organized by the Theatre Union of Romania, the County Council, Romanian Television, Targu Mures National Theatre, along with the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Targu Mures, the jury composed of theater critics Andreea Dumitru, Ionut Popa and Vlad Sebastian-established Sociu Award nomination for Best Performance, Best Director, Best Production Designer, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Actor in Actress, Best Actress, as theater, radio theater, Theatre TV debut. According to President UNITER Caramitru, the second jury will deliberate in Targu Mures, two to three hours before the Gala, will determine the winner, in that it will include its name in a sealed envelope, which will be open only on stage. Photo: (c) Angelo BREZOIANU / AGERPRES PHOTO Thus, for ‘Best Performance’ nominees are: ‘Hamlet’ by William Shakespeare, directed by László Bocsárdi Theatre ‘Tamasi Aron’ St. George, ‘Master and Margarita’ by Mikhail Bulgakov, directed by Zoltán Balasz, National Theatre co-production ‘ Radu Stanca “Sibiu Theatre Budapest Maladype ‘children Victor and power’ of Roger Vitrac, directed by Silviu Purcărete Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. For ‘Best Director’ have been nominated for the show Zoltán Balázs’ Master and Margarita ‘, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu, László Bocsárdi to show’ Hamlet ‘Theater’ Tamasi Aron ‘Saint-George and Silviu Purcărete for show’ Victor or Children in power ‘, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.  In the category ‘Best designer’: Jozsef Bartha for scenography performing ‘Hamlet’ Theater ‘Tamasi Aron’ Saint-George, Dragos Buhagiar for scenography show ‘What amazing nonsense’, National Theatre Cluj and Velica Panduru and Zoltán Balázs show scenography ‘Master and Margarita’, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu. For ‘Best Actor’ László Matray are nominated for her starring role in the play Theater ‘Tamasi Aron’ Saint-George, Cornel Răileanu for his role in the show “What amazing nonsense ‘, National Theatre Cluj Marius Turdeanu master role in the show ‘Master and Margarita’, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu. In the ‘Best Actress’ nominees are Alexandra beans for the title role in the show ‘Yentl’ Hebrew State Theatre Bucharest, Mariana Mihu Woland role in the show ‘Master and Margarita’, National Theatre “Radu Stanca” Sibiu Rodica Negrea for the title role in the play ‘Mother Courage’ Little Theatre Bucharest.


In the category ‘Best Actor’ are nominated Zsolt Bogdan Charles Paumelle role in the show “Victor or Children in power ‘, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Valer Dellakeza to show the increasing role of’ family all ‘National Theatre’ Marin Sorescu “Craiova and Tibor Pálffy Claudius role in the play ‘Hamlet’ Theater ‘Tamasi Aron’, St. George.   For ‘Best Actress’ for her role Esther Albert Csilla from the show “Victor or Children in power’, Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Nicoleta Hâncu role Elmira, Orgon’s wife in the show ‘Tartuffe’ Metropolis Theater Bucharest Ionescu and Romania roles Mara, Mara’s mother, psychologist and TV presenter of the show “Teach religion ‘by Mihaela Michailov National Theatre” Marin Sorescu “Craiova. In the category of theater critics’ are nominated Cristina Modreanu Mircea Morariu and Iulia Popovici. For ‘Radio Theatre’ nominations were made ​​for Anita Nandriş-Cudla with ‘Memories of Life’ and ’20 years in Siberia ‘, artistic director Peter Hadarca production Romanian Radio Society,’ Belvedere ‘by Ana-Maria Bamberger adaptation and art direction Cezarina Udrescu radio, production of the Romanian Radio and Two stories by Mikhail Bulgakov: ‘towel cock’ and ‘throat Steel’ radio dramatization and artistic director Diana Mihailopol, production of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting. At Category ‘TV Drama’ have been nominated ‘Hedda Gabler’ artistic director Dominic Dembinski, Romanian Television Company production, “Genovese Effect ‘artistic director Jon Gostin, Romanian Society of Television Production and’ Stormy Night ‘, directed by artistic Mihai Manolescu, Romanian Television Company production. For ‘Debut’ are nominal Delu Lucaci Agnes role in the show “The massacre ‘National Theatre’ Alecsandri ‘Iaşi, Lucia Mărneanu and Leta Smith for the show’ Parallel ‘, co GroundFloor Group and collectively, Cluj-Napoca and Erwin Şimşensohn for directing show ‘Yentl’ Hebrew State Theatre Bucharest. Senate UNITER Gala Awards will be given in Targu Mures UNITER Excellence Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and Special Awards. According to the site UNITER Excellence Award is granted by Victor Rebenciuc “Lifetime Achievement Award” will be awarded actor Peter Ciubotaru, actress Virginia Itta Mark, director Michael Mănuţiu, Anca Pâslaru scenography, theater critic and historian Zeno Fodor. UNITER Gala will be granted a number of special awards special prize journalist and translator Raluca Radulescu, to contribute to resize a contemporary discourse of fundamental books such as City of Heavenly Fire Epub for practice and theory of theater: KS Stanislavski-work actor with himself ; Special Prize for dance theater: Andrea and Stephen Gavriliu Lupupentru ‘Zic-Zac’ theater-dance Andreea Lupu Stephen Gavriliu leaning with Gavriliu Andreea Stefan Lupu and Gabriel Costin; Special Prize for theater-document: Gianina Cărbunariu for show-trial ‘Tipografic uppercase’, co dramAcum International Theatre Festival in Nitra, Slovakia, in partnership with Odeon. AGERPRES / (AS – author: Dorina Matisse editor: Marius Frăţilă)

Retirement Houses and Old Age Homes

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Another reason of selecting these old age homes is that it is very pleasurable and satisfying for old people to live in the company of other people of the same age. The old age house consists of all such people who have been retired from their work after completing their working life period. When all these people get together at a same place, it relieves them to a great extent to recall their pleasant memories while sitting together.

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Tips for Getting Approval for New Patios Brisbane

Developing your outdoor area can have tremendous impact on your home. A patio is a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure that is favoured by most homeowners who want to improve their property. It is generally a paved area used for entertainment and relaxation. It can be constructed from a variety of materials for the floor or ground as well as in the shading installed the users. The benefits of adding a patio to your home include:-

- Expansion of living space such that you will have another room in the outdoors.

- The property value will increase when you decide to put it back on the real estate market.

- It increases curb appeal and gives your home an edge over others without the same structure.

- It can reduce energy costs if used as an outdoor kitchen because the cooling demands in the building will be lower.

If you are considering installing this structure in your Brisbane home, it is essential to carry out research diligently on the requirements, restrictions and regulations. Failing to obtain this information as well as applying it as outlined will result in future disappointments. You will also end up using a lot of money and time in an effort to fix the problems that will have occurred. Many homeowners have experienced the hardships related to installing a patio that has not been approved and the issues arising are of great concern.

Why Do You Need Approval?

According to this website, a patio is considered to be a significant structure and therefore it is subject to approval by the local council. This is to ensure that the building or installation will be safe and that you are not violating any property restrictions. In some cases where relaxation is required, an inspector from the council visits the site in question prior to the approval being given. Another inspection is also required after completion to make certain that the set standards have been followed. It is also vital to get approval if you plan to sell the house in future, otherwise tenants will not readily purchase your home. You may also get a letter from the council once the unapproved structure is found which may result in a heavy fine or the structure having to be demolished.

How to Get Approval

It is imperative that you plan early for your home improvement project. If you have the ideal date you would like to complete building of the patio, start your preparation early. This will give you enough time to fulfil all the legal obligations and get approval. You will need a building license certifying that you can start your construction. Research or inquire about the policies and procedures that are specific t the Brisbane Council. There is no fixed period of time within which you will receive your approval but on average, you will require four weeks. This is why you must start the process as soon as you can.

Obtain a site plan that shows your property in its entirety, with clear indication of the location of the boundaries and the length. The plan should also provide the position of the home with regard to the boundary as well as in relation to the other property. The latter is very important if you are in a strata complex. It is of utmost important to make certain that the site plans are in the scale of 1:200 before you present them to the council or else they will be rejected. Along with these, you will also need to present documents of consent from neighbouring property if your patio will be close to the boundary between the homes. The last document you will require is a planning application form which you will have to sign as the owner of the property seeking to make the improvements.

Extra Tips

There are different ways in which you can accomplish the tasks towards getting the approval required. Consider your options to ensure that you get the work done fast and efficiently.

- You can go through the process yourself if you want to as long as you are confident in the way to deal with the local council.

- Hiring a professional patio builder who will deal with all the details is also a viable and more preferable option. The experts know the intricacies and are more experienced in dealing with documentation and the council.

If you are uncertain in any way about the regulations with regard to building a patio or any other structure, seek professional assistance immediately.