Transilvania Adventure Trophy 2009

Between 4 and 10 July 2009 the 8th edition of the Transilvania Adventure Trophy was held. 70 cars in Extreme category and 36 in category Hobby appointment in the most extreme off road racing in Europe were given.Participated the best off road riders from fifteen European countries, who competed in teams of two cars. As in previous editions took place between North and South Deva camps.

This particular edition was the hardest and demanding held so far due to heavy rains that had fallen during the two weeks preceding the race. In addition, during the race and especially at night, storms worse than ever the terrain.

This time we attended the press TAT2009 as enabling us to live the race live.


On this trip we accompany the participants of the two national teams:

07a. Barangé Charles Albert Serra / LR Defender
07B. Jorge Gonzálbez, Andrés Alonso / Nissan Patrol

14a. Jordi Badia, Marc Bay / Nissan Patrol GR
14b. Calleja Pedro, Xavi Moorly / Nissan Patrol

Travel Barcelona – Romania

The trip to Romania starts on Wednesday 1 July at the port of Barcelona where boarded vehicles bound for Genoa.

On Thursday July 2 arrived at the port of Genoa early morning. We are a convoy of five vehicles: the four participants plus the Defender 90 Td5 release. All vehicles are rolling Genoa to Romania on their own except the Nissan Patrol trial (07b) that moves on a roll platform for Mercedes ML.

The first incident happens within hours of starting the journey. In the middle of the highway and traveling at 100km / h the six screws from the right rear wheel of the Nissan Patrol Peter were sheared. Is free wheel and the brake disc miracle rests on the inside of the rim allowing stop in time.After removing the four standoffs bushings we continue the journey. It must be said that although the assembly and tightening torques may also have had some impact, separators was very low quality.

On Thursday night we dined and slept in Croatia on a highway hotel on foot. The Defender Carles had problems with the sensor Terratrip and try to fix it.

On Friday July 3 in the afternoon we reached the border of Romania. From here the journey is much slower. In Romania there are no highways and travel through the main Romanian roads are made to an average of 60km / h. In some roads where there is almost no shoulder is possible to find from tractors to horse carts through people walking quietly down the road. Also you should exercise extreme caution since it is common for large vehicles such as trucks and trailers overtake continuous curves with poor visibility. During this afternoon I went to pour and Deva road until it was cut through the mud and debris of a landslide. We had to wait 2 to 3 hours to clean up the track and return to open the way to vehicles.

In the evening we arrived at Deva. Direct to “Hotel Sarmis” which is where all the logistics of the race is concentrated Let. Due to the large volume of some participants staying at a second hotel farther.The organization tells us that we are the Spanish participants enrolled in another hotel, but thanks to contacts Carles, already an unconditional test, we finally can stay at the Hotel Sarmis.

All day Saturday July 4 they come in countless vong bi skf the parking of Hotel Sarmis because that is where the registration of participants are made, attendance, the press, etc. In the afternoon and almost all participants have the vehicle in park, where you can see and take pictures.

transilvania-adventure-trophy-001-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-002-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-003-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-004-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-005-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-006-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-007-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-008-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-009-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-010-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-011-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-012-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-013-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-014-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-015-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-016-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-017-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-018-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-019-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-020-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-021-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-022-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-023-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-024-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-025-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-026-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-027-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-028-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-029-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-030-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-031-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-032-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-033-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-034-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-035-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-036-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-037-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-038-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-039-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-040-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-041-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-042-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-043-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-044-thumb.jpgtransilvania-adventure-trophy-045-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-046-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-047-thumb.jpg transilvania-adventure-trophy-048-thumb.jpg

Know About Calories In An Egg To Prepare A Perfect Diet Plan

If we talk about the average calories in an egg, then in short and simple words, we can say that there are 55 to 80 calories in egg and lie between these two quantities according to the size of the egg. Calories always depend the size of the egg, which you are taking in the diet meal or breakfast. In this article we will let you know about the amount of calories in the eggs, which are prepared in different forms and taken in different ways. Cooking eggs and including in different dishes affect the amount of calories in an egg. But it will be always at minimum 55 in a small size egg or maximum 80 in a large size of the egg. The major source of these calories in a yolk portion of the egg, which also contain the necessary nutrition elements, vitamins and minerals, while the white portion contains the calcium for the health of the bones of the human’s body.


Eggs In Dieting Plan

Eggs are essential food which you can easily include in your diet plan to keep yourself healthy and fit always. Even if you are trying to reduce your weight and worried about which food you should take, eggs can help you a lot as the white portion of the egg contain necessary calcium for your body and also very low calories.

The way of cooking always affect the nutritional values and Calories of the egg so it is important that you take care the way you prepare eggs for your meal. For example, the boiling egg has less Calories than fry egg  as fry egg has oil include which cause to increase the overall values of calories in an egg. So try to include eggs with different other food which have important nutritions, which your body require like fresh or boiled vegetables, different types of salads and grains.

Eggs as Super Food

Eggs are called as a super food as these are major source to provide the Proteins, minerals and necessary vitamins like vitamin D and omega 3. If you want to fulfill the proteins of your body for the whole day, then the eggs can help you a lot as they can fulfill the 15% of the total Proteins needed for the body for the whole day. So taking one egg in the breakfast on a daily basis will not be a cause of increasing the risk of heart disease. The calories in an egg  depends on the way you cook and prepare an egg for your meal.


Obesity is increasing in many people on a large basis, so people think that if they will not eat anything for the whole day, they can reduce the weight but it is a wrong concept. The basic concept of preparing a diet plan which includes the foods according the nutritions required by the body of the person. the white portion of the egg can help you a lot to reduce your weight while fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body as it contains the least part of the calories in an egg.

How to translate Spanish into Romanian (a guide for tourists in Transylvania)

Spanish is a Romance language (Romance Languages ​​and Latin languages), with some 417 million speakers, according to the website Omniglot language. The Spanish spoken in the European countries of Spain and Andorra, as well as in Latin American countries like Mexico, Peru and Chile. The Romanian, another romance language, is spoken by about 24 million people, mainly in Romania and Moldavia. The Spanish translation into Romanian can be difficult if you are not a fluent speaker of both languages. Fortunately, there are many tools available online to make translation easier.

  1. Visit a website online translation with web browser of your choice. Do not pay translate text from Spanish into Romanian, unless you require a professional translation, as there are many alternatives available free on the Internet. The translation of Google and Babylon are two examples of web sites that allow you to translate from Spanish into Romanian for free.

  2. Locate the text you want to translate. Highlight it, copy it and paste it in the translation box of the website you have chosen. Some websites will be able to detect that the text is in Spanish automatically. If it does not, select “Spanish” as an option in the drop-down menu that specifies the language you want to translate. Then select “Romanian” from the menu that indicates the language you need to be translated.

  3. Click the ‘Translate’ button and wait while preparing your website translation. If the text is too long, this may take several minutes. However, most translation websites are able to provide a result within a few seconds. Evita click anywhere else on the website while the computer is processing your application, as this can slow or stop the process.

  4. Check the translation computer generated for you. Consider whether your computer has correctly translated all the words in context. If there is a word whose translation is ambiguous, look it separately in a dictionary. If you are not satisfied with the translation, try again using a different website and compare the results.


Tips and Warnings

  • If you need the translation of an important legal document, or anything else that requires professional quality, consider the payment of a translator to do the job. Click here to discover the best translation services in the UK. Someone who speaks both languages ​​fluently be able to generate more accurate than a web translator translation.


Regional health priorities in Northern Transylvania

The three main regional priorities for health 2014-2020, the North West, are investments in primary care and outpatient system; reduce the number of days of hospitalization in the tertiary system; development of emergency medicine and emergency reception units.

Regional Development Agency North West held Thursday at Cluj meeting of the Working Group “health infrastructure” under the Regional Planning Committee. It develops the region Development Plan for 2014-2020, the main strategic document in the Northern Transylvania which will be instrumental in guiding public and private investments in the next programming period. The meeting was attended by 30 representatives of Departments of Public Health, County Health Insurance House, representatives of the County Councils and E-health experts the IT Cluster Northern Transylvania. Participants stressed the importance of identifying projects integrated with territorial coverage, which will impact on local communities and have proposed several ideas for projects that can contribute to the priorities. These include a network Regional patient, including providing equipment and technologies; training programs for healthcare professionals and medical emergency preparedness; Regional Dispatch interconnected interventions and reducing the response time in an emergency; prevention and public education programs; Information and opening the system to new technologies;investments in energy efficiency in existing health infrastructure, according to These projects can be part of the portfolio of priority projects in the region for the next programming period.

Transylvania Housing Management sl

Transylvania Management of Housing sl is a company incorporated on 31/05/2006 in Murcia, Murcia. Your NCEA is real estate development. The main activity of Transylvania Management sl-build property owners SC real estate managers. This company also provides house cleaning services by cooperate with toronto cleaning services.

Transylvania Gestion de la sl Housing is registered in the trade register of Murcia. The capital of this company is on the stretch of 1-3500 €, with a number of employees from 1 to 10 and a turnover of between 250,001 and 750,000 € .

Transylvania Housing Management sl is a company dedicated to the development, construction and sale of Works, Buildings, Houses, Industrial Buildings and premises and Ordination, complex, Parcelacion and Sell your home fast; the conduct of the proceedings Urbanisticas, the construction, building and provision of urban services, all p. His last ad in BORME was published on 10/02/2011 in the Register of Murcia, Bulletin 28, reference 60413. This change has been Interim Closure Registration Sheet, registered on 01/02/2011, Volume 2371, Folio 98, Section 8, Page 57620, Inscription A.

Contact Transylvania Housing Management sl

  • Address of registered office of Transylvania Housing Management sl : AV / LIBERTAD, 6 B1.6 ENTRESLO 2. MURCIA, MURCIA

The information contained in this form is only an excerpt of the entire company information available on the company axesor Murcia Transylvania Housing Management sl . You can view contact information (phone, address, …), commercial, financial and risk of Transylvania Gestion Housing sl , either because you are analyzing a commercial operation, conducting research on Transylvania Gestion Housing sl, or just because you want to know about this company.

Transylvanian Hound

The Transylvanian Hound is a breed of dog originating in ancient Hungary. They are dogs of medium size and provided with rectangular body, your appearance is an athletic animal. They reach a height of 55-65 cm on average and weighing 25 to 35 kilos. The head shape is elongated, the ears are medium sized and fall to the side of the cheeks, the tail is of medium length. The coat of these dogs is short and smooth so it does not require special care.


Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound photos Transylvanian Hound photos

With a bath every so often is enough to have pet hair vacuum cleaner as shiny and well kept. The color of Sabueso Transylvania is black all over the body and only has some parts with tan on the area above the eyes, on the muzzle and legs. These dogs have a balanced, courageous, persevering, faithful, independent, good companions for their owners character. It is a goodfamily dog as it gets along well with people, although they are not seeking affection as otherraces . They are intelligent dogs so they can be easily educated to behave properly. Thesedogs are rustic and well adapted to all climates and lifestyles, but it is convenient to live on farms, fields and houses with gardens so you can move freely. They are not feeling well in small spaces dogs .
The Transylvanian Hound is a working animal as it was used as a hunting dog so accustomed to exercise. It is important that these dogs daily exercise and walk to keep them mentally and physically balanced. These dogs are not healthy animals and not specific to this disease are known race . They usually have an expectation of 12 years on average. TheTransylvanian Hound is not an easy breed to find in all countries so it is not as well known as others. But these animals are really dogs very good and loyal so they are excellent companions. This breed of dog is easy to care for and with good nutrition, vaccinations up to date, exercise daily and a regular visit to the vet.


Transylvanian Hound

Transylvanian Hound photos Transylvanian Hound photos

Vacaciones Transilvania

Se trata de una broma muy divertida sobre Transylvania - chistes corto para niños.

Bob Hill y su esposa Betty estaban de vacaciones en Europa, como es el caso, cerca de Transilvania. Iban en un coche de alquiler a lo largo de una autopista en lugar desierto. Era tarde, y lloviendo muy duro. Bob apenas podía ver 20 metros delante del coche. De repente, el coche patina fuera de control! Bob intenta controlar el coche, pero fue en vano! Los virajes de coche y se estrella contra un árbol. Momentos después, Bob niega con la cabeza para despejar la niebla. Aturdido, mira al asiento del pasajero y ve a su esposa inconsciente, con sangrado la cabeza! A pesar de la lluvia y el campo desconocido, Bob sabe que tiene que llevarla al teléfono más cercano. Bob escoge cuidadosamente su esposa y comienza caminando por la carretera. Después de un rato, él ve una luz. Se dirige hacia la luz, que viene de una vieja casona. Se acerca a la puerta y llama. Pasa un minuto. Un hombre encorvado pequeña abre la puerta. Bob exclama inmediatamente, “Hola, mi nombre es Bob Hill, y esta es mi esposa Betty. Nosotros hemos estado en un terrible accidente, y mi esposa ha sido gravemente herido. ¿Puedo por favor, utilice el teléfono ??” “Estoy lo siento “, respondió el jorobado”, pero no tenemos un teléfono Mi maestro es un doctor;. entrar y yo iré por él “! Bob trae a su mujer en un hombre elegante baja las escaleras.. “Me temo que mi asistente pudo haber engañado a ti yo no soy un doctor en medicina;. Soy un científico Sin embargo, es muchas millas a la clínica más cercana, y he tenido una formación médica básica veré lo que puedo.. hacer. Igor, llevarlos al laboratorio. ” Con eso, Igor recoge Betty y la lleva de la planta baja, con Bob siguiendo de cerca. Igor coloca Betty en una mesa en el laboratorio. Bob se derrumba de agotamiento y sus propias heridas, por lo que Igor coloca Bob en una mesa contigua. Después de un breve examen, el maestro de Igor ve preocupado. “Las cosas son serias, Igor. Prepare una transfusión.”Igor y su obra maestra febrilmente, pero fue en vano. Bob y Betty Hill no son más. muertes The Hills ‘molestos maestro de Igor enormemente. Con cansancio, él sube las escaleras a su jardín de invierno, donde se encuentra su piano de cola. Porque es aquí donde siempre ha encontrado consuelo. Comienza a jugar, y una agitación, casi inquietante, melodía llena la casa. Mientras tanto, Igor se encuentra todavía en el laboratorio de poner en orden. Sus ojos capturan el movimiento, y se da cuenta de los dedos de la mano contracción de Betty. Aturdido, se observa como el brazo de Bob comienza a subir! Él está más sorprendido que Betty se sienta hacia arriba! Kamagra Soft Tabletten, se lanza por las escaleras hasta el jardín de invierno. Él irrumpe y le grita a su amo: “¡Maestro, Maestro … Las colinas están vivas con el sonido de la música!

Partnership CECCAR – Transylvania University – Accountants without exam

Graduates master “Accounting Policies, auditing and management control” of the Faculty of Economics in Brasov can become accountants without having to pass an exam othergraduates master “Accounting Policies, auditing and management control” of the Faculty of Economics Brasov can become accountants without having to support another exam. This is possible due to a protocol between the Body of Expert and Licensed small business bookkeeper of Romania (CECCAR) – Brasov Branch and “Transilvania” University of Brasov. According to this protocol, graduates of master “Accounting Policies, Audit and control management “may require that program equivalence entrance exam to obtain quality internship accountant, according to Marius Dobre, executive director of MYOB Services Blacktown . The graduates of this master will not have to give exam for chartered accountant, who is one of difficulty, seven subjects. took the oath at the ceremony on Wednesday evening, held in the hall of the University Hill CP3 were present teachers Faculty of Economics, branch management representatives CECCAR Brasov, accounting professionals and graduate students. Moreover, in a festive, the roughly 150 master graduates who have passed the skills and become accountants, have professional oath. profession of chartered accountant is regulated by Government Ordinance no. 65/1994 regarding the organization of accounting expertise and is certified accountants and accounting management and organization, supervising management companies, financial statements and making accounting expertise. exam for Chartered Accountant For those who choose to give the exam to become experts accountant or accountants are held annually entrance examination must obtain at least the minimum average 7 and Note 6 in each subject. To this is added and completion of a three-year stint and an examination of skills at the end of the internship. exam can apply for admission those with higher economic education, with a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education, who have full legal capacity and have had no conviction that the laws in force, prohibits the right of management and administration of companies. Entrance examination enrollment stage to obtain quality accountant is based on an application to be submitted at the branch MYOB Software Services chatswood in whose jurisdiction the applicant resides, accompanied by a medical certificate showing that the applicant is capable of full year, completed and signed curriculum vitae sole responsibility of the applicant, certified copy of the education and criminal record certificate with valid unexpired term. The entrance exam consists of two written supporting, encompassing subjects from subjects accounting, taxation and law exam on the first day and the second day of the economic and financial evaluation of companies, audit, accounting expertise and doctrine and ethics of the accounting profession, both samples for three hours to developing responses. 

Charity Cycling in Transylvania

Charity Cycling in Transylvania

Humanitarian campaign “Bike4Children”, which started on 12 May in the Netherlands, will arrive today înTransilvania. The 12 riders who left the town Raamsdonksveer compete in a humanitarian in order to obtain money for hospitals children in the Netherlands and Romania. they will arrive today in the country, between the hours of 16.00 and 18.00, the Customs Bors and tomorrow’s race, which will last ten days will end in Union Square in Cluj. All 12 cyclists are Dutch and will travel about 2,100 km to the final destination. cyclists will arrive in Cluj in the presence of Mayor Sorin Apostu, after which they will move at the CSi Romania, where will be donated and the proceeds of the sponsoring foundations Kika and Peter Pan . event “Bike4Children” is organized with best fixed gear bike  to commemorate five years of existence the company CSi Romania.

Our Heritage, online source for identifying and mapping the Transylvanian heritage, Our Heritage, Transilvania

The  Association for App marketing we mentioned here on the blog, when I presented the draft Browse the City to Sibiu . The same association has recently initiated a new project dedicated to Transylvania, Our Heritage , a project that aims to identify and map the Transylvanian heritage.

Project site indexed profiles of over 2,300 monuments in Transylvania, plus a complete list of monuments in Alba, Cluj, Covasna, Harghita, Hunedoara, Mures, Salaj Sibiu, Bistrita-Năsăud and Brasov.

In short, Our Heritage is an online historical heritage of Transylvania.

Project site can be accessed and read on your phone or tablet, which has a responsive design.

Users browsing the site can be filtered according to cultural preferences (district, architecture, heritage, specific categories), accessibility and priorities.

All monuments listed on the site can be rated by visitors, so those visiting the site to see which are the most attractive in terms of popularity.

The project is funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

Our Heritage in the same category include projects forgotten monuments and Transylvania , both with the same approach, but supporters / donors different. To these may be added projects thatBanaterra and Encyclopedia Romania , projects are more extensive, covering the cultural and historical side from several perspectives (events, personalities, places and other facts).

You can find more information about this on social media. Please visit: Social Media Crisis Training